"Greg provides strategic human resource advice to public and private sector organizations in Western Canada and frequently serves as their Chief Negotiator."

"Professor Warren Bennis reminded us in his great 1997 book on leadership that ‘managing people is like herding cats.’ Fortunately, I really like cats."

Greg Trew is a Certified Human Resource Professional with 25 years of labour relations experience.


Human Resource administration can be complex and frustrating. Organizations without a formal H-R department frequently find themselves in need of timely advice to avoid costly and inconvenient mistakes. Organizations with human resource staff often find that these people are too busy with daily pressures to deal with broader issues or special projects.

In all cases, balanced, effective and independent advice can compliment and support your organization's H-R program. Claymore Consulting specializes in responding to client questions in a cost-effective, direct fashion. You need information and advice to help you make prudent decisions. We can provide it in situations including but not limited to:

  • labour/employment standards
  • recruitment/hiring/retention
  • discipline and discharge
  • human rights and employment equity
  • union certification/bargaining unit composition
  • work rules, policies, procedures
  • Workers' Compensation cases
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