"Greg provides strategic human resource advice to public and private sector organizations in Western Canada and frequently serves as their Chief Negotiator."

"Professor Warren Bennis reminded us in his great 1997 book on leadership that ‘managing people is like herding cats.’ Fortunately, I really like cats."

Greg Trew is a Certified Human Resource Professional with 25 years of labour relations experience.


Employees are crucial.
They are your most significant resource.

Employees are complicated.
Understandably, they do not always share your priorities or those of their co-workers. They do not always follow instructions, react predictably or conduct themselves as you expect.

Employees are expensive.
Your staff are very likely your #1 input cost. Employees expect those costs to increase over time, and often unionize in order to better achieve their goals through collective bargaining.

Effective employee relations are essential.
The success of your organization will depend in large measure upon your ability to;

     - find, keep, motivate and reward employees
     - communicate with, direct and manage your workforce
     - encourage staff to embrace adaptation in changing times
     - control the inflation of pay-list costs
     - maintain competitive and fair compensation practices
     - build and maintain employee satisfaction

Claymore Consulting can help you deal with employment issues before they become problematic. Where action becomes necessary, we can recommend approaches that will preserve your discretion to manage without damaging employee morale.

Whether unionized or not, your employees deserve respectful leadership, clear direction and consistent decision making. Let our timely advice support the management of effective employee relations.

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