"Greg provides strategic human resource advice to public and private sector organizations in Western Canada and frequently serves as their Chief Negotiator."

"Professor Warren Bennis reminded us in his great 1997 book on leadership that ‘managing people is like herding cats.’ Fortunately, I really like cats."

Greg Trew is a Certified Human Resource Professional with 25 years of labour relations experience.


Grievances are a necessary by-product of a unionized work environment. Whether minor complaints or major issues, grievances deserve to be treated seriously, heard expeditiously and resolved in a manner consistent with the collective agreement in force and the relationship between the parties.

It is easy to feel under attack when confronted by grievances. Claymore Consulting can assist you to deal with grievances, to seek useful solutions and, where necessary, to stand your ground. Let us help you to respond strategically to grievances so that your business isn't compromised between collective agreement negotiations by efforts to reduce your rights in such areas as:

  • discipline and discharge
  • past practice
  • reasonableness of rules
  • entitlement to employment benefits/perks
  • promotions/demotions

Many grievances are resolved short of third party adjudication (arbitration). However, all grievances have the potential to be referred to arbitration. Canadian courts are demonstrating increased deference to the decisions of labour arbitrators and increasing comfort with those arbitrators interpreting statutes, especially the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in labour matters.
We can help you avoid this potential minefield and deal effectively with it when necessary.

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