"Greg provides strategic human resource advice to public and private sector organizations in Western Canada and frequently serves as their Chief Negotiator."

"Professor Warren Bennis reminded us in his great 1997 book on leadership that ‘managing people is like herding cats.’ Fortunately, I really like cats."

Greg Trew is a Certified Human Resource Professional with 25 years of labour relations experience.


Claymore Consulting seeks to provide clients with effective advice on a wide range of human resource issues, whether in a unionized context or not. Claymore Consulting also provides business clients with public affairs advice and advocacy in dealing with government in municipal, provincial and federal contexts. Innovative, sensible compromises are always considered. However, should they prove unavailable, our advice will always be designed to protect the interests of our clients and achieve their goals in a timely, cost-effective manner.

At Claymore Consulting, we want to earn the confidence and trust of our clients and express mutual respect through long-term relationships. We want to be partners in your success.

Greg Trew was appointed to the Labour Relations Board in 2011. He was also appointed to the Minister's Advisory Committee on Labour Legislation Renewal in 2012.

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